If you are an empathic and creative person, a designer, or an architect, seeking a deeper purpose in your work, we can teach you how to coach your clients to meet their own needs, reflect self-love, and their values in their living, and working spaces.

What is House-Coaching™?

It is a deeper creative process than traditional design because we add empathy and life coaching tools. This groundbreaking method was created and developed by Danish designer and Life Coach, Kirsten Steno.
House Coaching Institute

Do you love home design and helping people?

If you are not a professional designer or an architect but are passionate about design and are empathic, then our basic course, Interior Design Focused on Human Needs, is for you.

Are you a professional designer or an architect looking for a purposeful career?

With our House-Coaching™ Certificate program, you will learn how to coach your clients to dissolve limiting thoughts and reach wholehearted decisions.  This will enlighten your career path and you will be tapping into a new niche of clients.

Are you a college/university seeking innovative, human centered design courses?

We are currently looking for partner universities interested in collaborating with us on creating a pilot program to be sold worldwide.

We have developed different online courses, both in English and Spanish, that are ready for launch on your website, or we can effectively customize a program that meets your academic needs and goals.

Are you a professional designer or an architect looking for a purposeful career?

This program will teach you how to add higher value to your customer service and improve your workplace.

We know from experience that our online and in-person workshops and training will inspire your entire organization to implement our methods for meeting the human needs of your clients and help them make faster, more confident purchasing decisions.


What is the impact of House-Coaching™ on the clients?

With House-Coaching™ you can help your clients find the best version of themselves and feel good about who they are.

As in the analogy of the cocoon that shelters the butterfly’s transformation, your client’s space will become that cozy and safe place where they can face moments of change and personal growth.