Spark The Deeper Purpose Of Your Business

House-coaching can help you connect with your customers on a personal level, strengthen the
relationship and ensure they are confident at the point of sale. House-coaching can spark the
deeper purpose of your business and make an impact on the lives of your customers.

We offer practical training for your sales associates, teaching
• How understanding your clients’ ‘why’ is crucial to
any purchase
• The process of guiding your client from limiting
thoughts to whole-
hearted decisions
• The 7-3-1 sorting system to assist in the decision-
making process
• How to implement empathy as a sales strategy

Watch the video below with Camillo from Colombia, one of hundreds of people who have worked with House-coaching for years with great success! Our tools will guarantee changing the way you experience sales service and the bottom line of your business.
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Love Stories With Our Business Partners

Kirsten Steno & Martha Beck

Martha Beck Life Coach

I had a difficult time in my life after a divorce, and when I saw Martha Beck coach someone live on the Oprah Winfrey Show I knew she would become my mentor and teacher! 
I read her book “Finding Your Own Northstar” and more books later – and her teachings changed my life and made me realize; we cannot control everything that happens to us in life, but we CAN control how we choose to react! Positive thinking attracts a positive life, which is one of the basics teachings in House-coaching today. 
By miracle she answered my email and I became a certified Martha Beck Life Coach in 2011. I have “transmitted” her life coaching tools into home design and now her brilliant teachings change even more lives! I met her in Arizona when my studies began and again at a “Meet & Greet” in San Diego in 2014 with fellow coaches – who all got my English book on House-Coaching – including of course Martha herself!


BoConcept International

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity BoConcept has given me to spread the teachings of House-coaching globally.
Alone I could only reach a few people, but with the English book I wrote in collaboration with BoConcept I could reach thousands of people!
I travelled for 2 years speaking in 150 cities around the world and had the privilege of training their staff in the tools of House-coaching.  
Watch the video with Camilo and read some of the statements from the “Trend Talks”, that were brilliantly organized by their professional marketing team. 
Looking forward to train more staff in the future and meet more clients and talks in the future. 

Global Leadership Summit

I attended the Global Leadership Summit in Copenhagen in 2010 and it changed my life!

The passion and  inspiration of the leadership training – from top business leaders and leading pastors from all over the world  – helped me discover my personal “Grander Vision”. Attending GLS yearly motivated me to keep going for many years, even when it looked impossible to become a Life Coach, write a book, create an Institute and speak globally! Every year I attended either in Copenhagen, Aarhus or in Chicago. Read more and join in wherever you are! Global Leadership Network
I have a dream of speaking myself about Home Angel work and House-coaching and had a meeting with Gary Schwammlein, which resultet in this article. 
The Home Angel Foundation is inspired by this interview with Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS.

Designers Guild, Tricia Guild

In 1985 I went to London as a young interior designer and fell in deep love with the shop on Kings Road….I just HAD to work with Tricia Guild!! 6 months later I opened my first designer store with very little cash and lots of confidence. I became a retailer and learned how to mitch and match patterns and colors in a new way. My love was contagious and soon I became one of the best selling retailers in Denmark. I got to meet Tricia and give her my first book in person in her private home im 2008 – which I will never forget!!! I still love working with her products in my House-coaching work and in private (in my new home her wallpapers, fabrics and cushions create a state of love, hope & peace and her books have inspired me for the color tones). See more at Designers Guild.

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