The House-Coaching™ Institute wants to teach you, professional home designer, decorator or architect, how to add deeper value to your service. Connect heart to heart with your clients by adding empathy and life coaching tools to practical and beautiful home design.  

We offer different training programs, in our online training platform – in english and spanish –  that include individual coaching sessions, videos and mentoring to guide you through the process of learning all the necessary  skills to become a House-Coach™ and work with clients.

House-Coaching™ Improves Your Design Process

Better Communication

Adding deeper value to your work

Deeper Customer Relationship

Changing lives and homes
for a better world

Saving Time

Working smart and earning
a higher income

House – Coaching tools will help you solve your client’s needs on a deeper level and also learn how to dissolve your own and your client’s limiting thoughts – opening up to creative freedom.

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