House-Coaching Courses For Professionals

1. House-coaching Intro Course

In this first part of the course, you’ll learn how to work with House- coaching in your own life and home. With a life-coach you’ll find your true purpose and learn how to keep yourself motivated in your daily life and work.

By freeing yourself from limiting thoughts you can enhance your own creativity and be able to do the same with your clients. You will make physical changes both in your home and life beyond your current imagination! (read testimonials from former students here)

First week:

  • Read Part 1 of Kirsten’s Book
  • Introduction webinar with Kirsten and your Master Coaches
  • Purpose coaching
  • Watch videos (Byron Katie and Brené Brown).

Second week:

  • Read Part 2 of Kirsten’s Book
  • Limiting thoughts coaching session
  • Practice with your new

Third week:

  • Read Part 3 of Kirsten’s Book
  • House coaching session “Adopt a room” with Kirsten
  • Watch House-coaching tools

Fourth week:

  • Work on the adopted
  • Share the journey with your buddies.

Fifth week:

  • Work on the adopted
  • Second Group webinar with Kirsten
  • Second coaching session on the adopted room

Sixth week:

  • Finish the
  • Final room presentation with Kirsten + certification
  • Presentations will be recorded and shared with your group

Fee: 1.200 Euro

For any questions you may have please contact Sisi

Optional: Read part 4 of Kirsten’s book and join a monthly Home Angel webinar on doing non-profit House-Coaching in your community.

2. House-coaching Diploma Course

In the second part of the course, you will work with real “test clients”, practice what you learned with encouraging feedback from both our Master House-coaches and Life Coaches.

You’ll be offered a visible platform on our webpage as a Skype and individual House-coach in your own country (+ monthly marketing fee)

First and second week:

  • Find 3 Test clients with a House Coaching
    • No Family
    • Clients willing to work on the project and finish it within a cer- tain time
  • First interview with all clients.
    • Choose a room to work
    • Find the House-coaching
    • Give test clients homework to prepare for your first session via Skype or 101 (take “before” pictures)

Third and fourth week:

  • Watch and analyze homework form former students
  • Watch and analyze homework of your
  • Do The 4 Walls
  • Find and work on limiting thoughts (First coaching session)

Fifth through eighth week:

  • Make design proposals using templates, implementing as many House-coaching tools as
  • Second individual coaching session on your 3
  • Work and coach clients through

Ninth through twelfth Week:

  • Support your clients to complete the transformation.
  • Ask for testimonials (video or written + photos of the process) how they experienced the process and what changed in their emo- tional wellbeing through the House Coaching
  • Each student will have one coaching session through this process
  • Final presentation with Kirsten and coach and receive a Diploma if qualifications are being

Fee: 1.800 Euro

For any questions you may have please contact Sisi

3. House-coaching - Business Coaching

We’ll guide you how to find your personal brand as a House- coach, finding the DNA of your service. We will guide you how to sell your services, give workshops and promote House-coaching including social media.

If you are interested you’ll be offered a possibility to become Master House-coach and train new students in our team.

Prior to course: Read or audio“Talk like TED”

FInd 1) “test company” to speak for 2) small “test group” to do workshop with (in week 5).

First week:

  • Introduction webinar with Kirsten and your Master Coaches
  • Watch videos of Kirsten teaching the Pathfinder Vision
  • Coaching session on preparing your Pathfinder Vision Board .

Second week:

  • Create your own Pathfinder Vision Board
  • Share the journey with

 Third week:

  • Watch videos of Kirsten speaking and giving
  • Business coaching with Kirsten on finding your personal

Fourth week:

  • Work on your personal storytelling/presentation in Power Point, adapted from a
  • Personal life coaching to overcome limiting thoughts (fears!)

Fifth week:

  • Give a test speaking and a test workshop.
  • Second Group webinar with Kirsten on social media

Sixth week:

  • Individual coaching on social media and how to attract your cli- ents.
  • Final presentation of your company’s business profile and
  • Pathfinder Vision Board with Kirsten + certification
  • Presentations will be recorded and shared with your group

Fee: 1.500 Euro

For any questions you may have please contact Sisi