Why hire a House-Coaching event?

When you hire a House-Coaching™ event you are not hiring a normal event. In addition to creating an overall experience for your clients, you will be giving them an extraordinary morning, afternoon or evening. It will not only provide them with unique, innovative and valuable information, but will also make them connect with your brand and products on a much deeper level, transforming their lives through House-Coaching™.

The Blue House-Young couples workshop

This workshop was designed to young couples soon to be married. Through House-Coaching™ they learned how to build a new home together. They had a chance to get to know each other more, their likes and dislikes. Also, how to  dissolve limiting thoughts and open the door to a balanced life together

We used the store’s products during the workshop so the participants could have an idea on how to use the brand for their new home. This way, The Blue House increased their sales and the emotional connection between the brand and new clients.

The Blue House-Architects and Designers Talk

In this talk, addressed to architects and interior designers, we talked about  House-Coaching™. Here the goal was to attract more professionals to the brand showing how to use their products focussing on the clients needs. House-Coaching™ is a wonderful way to sell, but focussing on the clients needs more than the product itself.

Becara Event

This event was addressed to clients of Becara, Bogotá-Colombia. The goal here was to form a stronger and more emotional bond between the brand and regular clients. We talked about House-Coaching and  how to choose products from the heart and not for other reasons such as design trends or fashion.


The story between House-Coaching and Boconcept started in 2015. The Brand recognized the importance of establishing a relationship with the clients far beyond selling furniture and accessories. It is about getting into people’s homes and writing love stories with them. 

Kirsten Steno has been around the world with Boconcept talking with clients and designers about House-Coaching and how to meet human needs through home design with great results for stores, staff and clients.