From Interior Designer To House Coach-Jody’s Story_Part1

From Interior Designer To House Coach-Jody's Story

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Jody Pear

How did I get to know Kirsten Steno

I was an interior design student, working full-time while starting my interior design business. To say this was a stressful time is an understatement! I was following Sherold Barr and I watched a video interview that she did with Kirsten Steno, a Danish interior designer. Kirsten explained how to create a Pathfinder Vision Board and how it helps her manifest the things she wants in life. I was in complete awe, so I emailed Kirsten to tell her how much I enjoyed her interview, and to my astonishment, she replied! Kirsten told me about her book, which I immediately bought, and I devoured every word!

In 2015, Kirsten invited me to participate in a yearlong test pilot program with 12 interior designers and a psychotherapist. She wanted to create a platform for her teachings and test it on us before sharing her vision openly to the world. The first step was for each of us to practice House-coaching in our own home. Next, Kirsten asked us to find test clients, who were willing to let us practice what we had learned. Then in August 2016, we spent a week together in Kirsten’s home in Denmark. The experience was life-changing. Over the year, we laughed, cried and became frustrated, but we also grew and learned.

Being A House Coach

House-coaching didn’t lead me to renovate my home in any way, it led me to deeply connect with my heart and then to reflect it in my home. The colors and furniture are choices made with love, not based on current trends. The colors and the contents evoke feelings for me and my husband and when friends and family visit, they feel it too.

With this new understanding, I stopped doing interior design, as it’s commonly understood. I want to teach people how creating a nurturing home that restores their soul will dramatically improve every aspect of their life. I want to teach them that making decisions from their heart will result in the most beautifully designed home they can imagine. They can’t find that in a magazine because it will be their unique soul reflection that grounds them, restores them and helps them to be the best possible version of themselves. The benefits of House-coaching continue to unfold in my personal and professional life. I am keenly aware that when something feels off in my life, I can change it by making changes in my home.

I have many tools that I use in my home, including a Pathfinder Vision Board, variations of Vision Boards and methods of storytelling that I use in my day job. I use them as road maps to point me in the direction I want to go and to serve as visual reminders of why I make certain choices in my life. It’s freeing and peaceful and has taught me to let things unfold naturally and these are tools that I teach to my clients.

As I look back on who I was before being a House-coach compared to the person I am today, I’m filled with immense gratitude.

home is a mirror of you