Home Angel

Being homeless is very hard – be it physically without a place to live or emotionally – as I was feeling lost in a new home after a divorce.

When human needs are not being met in the environment, chaos becomes visible in the physical world and often cause depression. We can be homeless at home. Especially in shelters for homeless is there a huge need for nurturing surroundings. 

My own life became blessed via House-coaching, when I gave myself “faith, hope and love” via the decors and colors of my home. I found new hope for a better future and with renewed physical and emotional energy, I began helping other people in need to come home to themselves too as non-profit. 

I witnessed how their lives changed for the better – sometimes instantly – and it gave both my work and my life a higher purpose. It turned out, I was the one receiving the most as there is nothing more gratifying than changing the course of another human life by giving what you are able to offer.

I am a spiritual person, a Christian, and I believe in active service of “love thy neighbor” which we can all practise in our community.

Imagine all the people we can help…

Imagine losing your home…..only few of your belongings left stuffed in boxes, finding yourself on a mattress in an empty strange room without light (hope)? Worse, in a shelter for homeless or on the street.

Now Imagine someone came to help you co-create a new home ….without asking any favor from you in return = Home Angel service.

How can YOU make a difference in your community and become part of the Home Angel Family?
• Offer practical skills and technical tools to someone living alone without any tools/
• Donate furniture and accessories you no longer need to someone who does (via
notes and photos in the local supermarket NGO offices or on social media)
• Give a person in need our E-book at half the price by using the code: HomeAngel
• Set up a fundraising event and use the money to help a shelter for homeless
people create nurturing surroundings.
It would make me extremely happy, if my work could inspire you to help others come
home to themselves. Read more in my blog posts about Home Angel work and share your ideas on social media with me.
With gratitude and love


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