House-Coaching Changed My Life – Vanessa’s Story Part2

House-Coaching Changed My Life - Vanessa's Story


Vanessa Matas

What is Home?

We, as human beings, satisfy all our needs through a home. The need for having a roof over our heads becomes a primary goal, followed by a personal space where we feel safe.

Later, the need for decorating our personal space arises in order to feel that we belong with our families and we call it HOME – this is where the interior designer comes in. 

House-coaching is added to the interior design as we reflect values and open up for self-realization through decorations and positive personal storytelling.

With House-coaching we ask ourselves:

  • Is my home a reflection of my true personality?
  • Am I proud of my home?
  • Who am I?
  • What makes me happy and feel at peace?

We work on the personal space with interior design and use your walls to reflect the stories of our lives we want to tell: love stories, about dreams we want to come true, and as we go along our actions are aligned in order to obtain what we want.

From a House-coaching point of view:

  • Homes can help us feel motivated and loaded with energy
  • Homes can help us connect with our inner feelings and help us achieve what we want.
  • Homes should reflect our inner beauty and how to follow our joy

A question I’m often asked is, whether House-coaching is like Feng Shui.  As for me, both work with the energy in the home and its influence in our lives, the difference being that Feng Shui works with a magnetic compass and a plan with a grid, in House-coaching the compass is simply your heart, and the plan is your life and how you want it to be reflected. We use your home as a protective cocoon while you become a new beautiful butterfly.  

Steno pyramid


Without a charged battery, your mobile phone is useless, meaning that the charger is its life support, right? We are capable of asking strangers to loan us their charger to avoid a flat battery!

Just like our mobile phones we, too, need energy to recharge our batteries. Emotionally and physically – without energy we cannot connect with the world, neither internally nor externally. Only fully charged are we able to connect and function.

So we must ask ourselves….. where do we recharge our bodies and souls when life is so demanding? Our HOME should be the answer to that, however, in many cases, it isn’t! The stress of day-to-day life causes us to disconnect with our emotions and we cannot feel our home, much less recharge our batteries living in it.

What do I like?

What makes me happy?

When we ask ourselves these questions our thoughts are often limiting our life potential as well as the potential of creating the home of our dreams.

What we think turns into habits, habits into actions and actions into our future. What we think, the words we use and express are as important as the food we put into our mouth, all of it the energy of our soul.Our home is a reflection of our soul and through the story it tells about ourselves, we can see the thoughts which are limiting our vital development.

The limiting thoughts are a reflection of our fears and insecurities. We can work on them, dissolve them, reflect upon them and finally open up to creative freedom in a way we can reflect what we really want and not our limitations.