House-Coaching for expats

When thinking about how to start this topic I thought of the word expatriate and all that it means: outside their homeland and patriate itself comes from the word “pater” or “patres”, which in Latin means father or ancestors. This is the third country I have lived in outside of Colombia, which is my country of origin, and I am familiar with the feeling of emptiness that this can generate when it comes to having a home. If we define home as the feeling of belonging, love, peace, serenity and connection it is no coincidence that when meeting different people in the same situation, yet with individual stories, the common denominator is that they have the need to belong, to have a place of which they are part and to regain the feeling of being at home. 


There are millions of people who for different reasons do not live in their countries of origin and have emigrated to others that have given them better economic, study or relationship opportunities. These people often lose the feeling of home, as they find themselves in a completely new place, a new culture, new relationships, a new language and being away from everything they know, such as friends and family. 


The place where we live, our house, is therefore of great importance, because its purpose is to give us back the lost feeling of home, a feeling that for each person is different, because it depends on what “home” means for each one of us. That is why House-Coaching is relevant, because it helps us, through the space, to connect with ourselves, to reflect our values, who we are, what makes us happy and thus to belong to the space, time and situation in which we find ourselves and from there to be our best version. 


In the times we live in today, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of our home, especially when we cannot travel, nor return as regularly to places that are familiar to us. From the House-Coaching Institute we believe that now more than ever is the time for more professionals working with interior design and architecture to understand the special situation of those who are expatriates, to put their human needs at the center and let the space serve the purpose of fulfilling them.

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