How did I become a House Coach_Part1

How Did I Become A House Coach

Sisi at House Coaching Event

Sisi Salamanca

I am HOMELESS in my home

3 years ago, I found myself divorced with 2 daughters and a broken heart. The bedroom, which had been “a couple´s room” for so long, suddenly became “mine” but it didn´t feel like mine. I couldn´t find myself in it and I felt terribly lonely.

Looking back, I think that because I had been a mother and wife for so long, before I was myself that I felt lost… well, basically homeless in my own home. The room looked nice, but it didn´t help me recharge at night, it only made me feel lonely and reminded me of my divorce in a painful way.

home is a mirror of you

Getting in touch with Kirsten and House-Coaching tools

I was working as a Life Coach for BoConcept when I heard about Kirsten Steno and House-coaching. It instantly made complete sense to me; The idea of combining Life Coaching with Interior Design to help people feel “at home in themselves via their surroundings”.  I spontaneously wrote her an email, wishing she would someday read it and answer me. To my surprise, I got an answer right away, in which she suggested we could meet on Skype later that week! My heart was suddenly filled with hope.

We talked, and I felt she was my home angel. Kirsten listened to my situation and told me how House-coaching could help me through my transition; becoming more independent and happier in in this new life, which was a gift given to me by fate to become a better version of myself.

Meeting Kirsten and being guided to re-connect with my home.

When Kirsten visited Colombia to give a few workshops for the staff and clients of BoConcept, I had the privilege to have her in my home and together we worked on my bedroom – my cocoon where I would soon transform from caterpillar to butterfly.

She asked many questions; what I hated and loved about my work and life, what “wealth” and “love” meant to me in my life and in my relationships. Gaining new insight through answering these questions, helped me to decorate the room with intention of giving myself more love, hope and joy. I reconnected to my creativity again, willing to go shopping and find the things, which would help me feel more like “me”.

With House-coaching I created a reflection of myself, and as I gave myself more love in this process, the energy in the room attracted my girls, who wanted to spend time there – even the cats!

We as women, very often loose ourselves in our marriages, wanting to be the perfect wife, pleasing the needs of our family before we take care of our own. This process was an opportunity for me to find myself and create the life I wanted for myself. From the heart!