How did I become a House Coach_Part2

How Did I Become A House Coach

Sisi at House Coaching Event

Sisi Salamanca

My first room transformation experience with House-coaching

This first step was redecorating my bedroom to make it reconnected with me. I am also an artist, so I chose to place a painting above my bed, as my creativity is a very important part of my life. Every time I went to bed, I felt safe, and it reminded me of my own power to create beautiful art and a beautiful life for both myself and my girls.

Following “House-Coaching Happy Wall Tool” I created my “Happy Wall”! This wall reflects my public persona = the way I shine in the world through my music, my daughters, my work as a coach, and my other artistic work. I now have a very strong sense of who I am and my worthiness. I see my art with gratitude and think:”Whow, I am good at transforming ordinary things into beautiful art objects –  as well as I help ordinary people transform into beautiful human art!

To me, wealth is represented by my art and coaching. When I got divorced, I was in the process of making a new career as a coach while also loving to create art. House-coaching helped me visualize, how I could make a good living combining the two things I loved the most. It felt awesome! Today I am energised by my work as a House-coach, I don´t get tired and the rewards are huge!!!

This corner represents how I see love in my life and my relationships. Before House-coaching, it was an empty closed cabinet and a shelf filled with stuff that had no special meaning. Now, it contains a manifestation of self-love with very special objects placed in a thoughtful way.

My daughters are represented here with objects that describe each of them in their special, beautiful way and myself as a mother. Understanding, that I had to love myself before being a mother and that I don´t own my daughters lives!

My responsibility is to give them love and support, but they have to live their own lives. The way I want to love a partner, is today very different from what it was before, is reflected with beautiful flowers and candles.

This is my work area representing my service and role with society and my community. Previously, I had a very modern desk that never felt like it was my style, finally, I found a desk that totally represented my style; French, classic, in whitewashed wood finish and flower ornaments. Even though it blocks a little bit of the beautiful view, it allows me to enjoy my work more. Now, I am looking for an office outside the home in order to be able to come home every day and create a healthy work & life balance.

House-coaching helped me to look deep inside myself, to confront my fears, dissolve limiting thoughts, discover my desires and see my full potential – all via the design of my room. The process was also about redecorating my home but mostly, it was a journey of coming home to myself. I deeply appreciate what I have learned, and that is why I want to  introduce House-coaching all people living in a home to help them become happier in their life in – and via – their home


Come back next Friday to read about the story of Sisi’s first Client.