How did I become a House Coach_Part3

How Did I Become A House Coach

Sisi at House Coaching Event

Sisi Salamanca

How I work as a House-coach

In my journey as a life coach – and now House-coach – I have discovered that the purpose of my work is helping my clients get in touch with their deepest self, their essence. The home is a manifestation of the soul, so when you don´t feel at home in your home, House- coaching is a perfect tool to discover who you are, what you need, and how your home can become the source of the energy you need to become the person you want to be in the outer world.

What is House-Coaching

Short Happy Client Story

I worked on Skype with a single man, divorced, he was feeling lonely, using his home as a refuge form the world, he had closed his heart to a relationship and to love in his life. Today, he is in a very happy relationship, he has been promoted in his job and now lives with a new positive approach to life in a more hopeful way.

Following is the process he did in his own home.

  • How would you describe the process of the changes you made in your home with House-coaching (before and after)?

 I actually never thought about the idea of House-coaching prior to redecorating and renovating spaces in my home until a friend mentioned the concept to me and guided me through the process. Being more thoughtful about why you design or decorate spaces a certain way and understanding the good energy you get from good design makes the outcome so much more impactful.

  • What is the impact you experienced as a result of the changes you made in your home and office?

 My home now provides peace and comfort. It’s not an escape from life or reality but it provides spaces that make me appreciate life and reality.

  • From your point of view, what´s the difference between hiring a House-coach compared to a regular interior designer?

 When decorating, redecorating, or renovating spaces in my home, I learned that it’s not just about fashion –  it’s about passion. It’s really about figuring out what you love and what you connect with. It’s about showing your personality in your own space rather than having someone else dictate what they think is best for you.

  • Would you recommend other people to hire a House- coach? If yes, why?

I would, especially if you value experiences and connections more than simply material things. The idea of personalising spaces rather than imitating other’s makes sense to me and has proven to be a great addition to my home life.

The process is not about whether the space looks nice or not, it is about whether the person feels reflected and valued at home. Which means that everything you choose to place in your space has meaning and represents who you are J your home is a love story about YOU waiting to be told…

home is a mirror of you