With House - Coaching Tools You Can


Learn how to make a fun home detox


Learn how to decorate your home with your heart


Learn how to reflect personal love stories to your home decor

When To Use House-Coaching

When you want to transform your home into a reflection of your inner beauty and life values.

When you want to create a love connection with your home, yourself and your family.

When you are looking for change and new ways to live a wholehearted life.


Our House-coaches are trained to add all this to your unique culture including how to practise simple life coaching tools, in order to unlock your own creative freedom and open up to wholehearted decisions, which you will not be afraid to take or to regret

Home Decor Plan Vector
Step 1 - Home Preparation
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Skype meeting

Step 2 - Meet Via Skype

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Key to Limited thought

Step 3 - Open Your Mind

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Design Plan

Step 4 - Personal Design Plan

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Home and happiness

Step 5 - Home with love

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Home, love and you

Step 6 - Home to yourself

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And You ?

Our Clients' Before & After Stories With House-Coaching

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I was motivated by the beautiful way Kirsten gave us her teachings and her new perspective of creating spaces, with great sensibility, heart oriented and from the beauty of the soul. Read the story