Interior Design with Purpose by Sisi

Until a few years ago, all professions without exception were designed to meet the goals of the Industrial revolution. I mean, enhance productivity and efficiency, with the sole objective as to increase profit. All this to the expense of quality of life for human beings and greater needs such as personal growth, self individualization and self actualization.

During these times and more now after we all experienced the pandemics where so many people lost their jobs, and had critical situations in terms of finances, relationships and health, the question of Why am I doing what I am doing? Became more relevant than ever and the need to find meaning in work and life.

That’s why in our certification we start the process helping the students find their purpose, and finding out how they can through an Interior Design project put it in practice coming up with a proposal where the space and decoration help the client connect with who he is, feels happy about it, loves himself, and feels motivated, creative and full of energy to go out into the world to fulfill his own purpose. Also being a better family member and therefore a better citizen.

So, from my point of view, the answer from formal education is not eliminating the current professions but changing the goal and focus. Education must be more focussed to form students that are aware of their strengths and purpose to be able to know how their work will impact people. Focus the profession towards the common good and human development instead of productivity and economic growth.

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