Kirsten StenoI became an Interior Designer at the age of 27 and have worked in my own company for 30 years –  adding empathy and love  to more than 2500+ people & homes, offices and hospitality rooms worldwide – in person or online via Skype/Face Time.

I published my first self-help book on home design called Home With a Heart (2008, read by more than 60.000 Danes), a result of helping myself and others get back on their feet after a life changing crisis.  

Through many brilliant self-help books I learned how to dissolve my limiting thoughts and replace self-doubt with self-love and worry with faith – which give me instant hope for a better life. When I reflected these positive emotions in the decors and colors of my home, it gave me hope for at better future! House-coaching was born:  

I combined the essence of all my self-help books and the essence of my skills from 20 years as an Interior Designer and found ways to meet all our human needs in – and via the home! 

I saw Life Coach  Martha Beck  on OPRAH and wrote her an email about my studies in “House-Coaching” – and I was thrilled when she invited me to become a student in her Coaching Institute in USA. I believe House-coaching my home and having faith in something greater than myself opened up to the marvelous adventure my life became and still is.

I have written 2 additional  self-help books on House-coaching;  Come Home To Yourself  (get a free copy when you subscribe) in collaboration with BoConcept (2013) and had the fortunate opportunity to speak in design stores and train thousands of sales associates from Tokyo to Los Angeles with great succes.

I teach House-coaching to professional home Designers  in my international institute to add deeper value to their services and higher purpose to their work.

Diploma certified House-coaches offer Skype House-coaching 101 in 6 languages  

Charity is a natural part of my business. Please go to Home Angel to find ways how you too can become a light in the darkness of other people in need of a nurturing home.

From Interior Designer To Empathetic House-Coaching

Kirsten Steno House Coaching Milestone

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