My Story, By Carolina Vidales

¿Do you have a cluttered room? Each day it gets worse and you don’t know where to start?

If the answer is yes, let me tell you, you are not the only one. More people that you imagine go through the same thing. But, beyond acknowledging  the clutter, it is more important to understand why it is that way and why we haven’t been able to do anything about it.

So, here I will tell you my story of transformation. How I understood that my fears were reflected in the cluttered room and how that changed my home and my life.

Here is my story: I moved to this apartment a year ago and everything was organized and nice, except for that additional room/guest room, which I tried to decorate not so successfully with some elements because I wanted my husband’s kid (Facundo) to spend time with us. I wanted him to feel part of our family. What I did was include some Avengers accessories and colorful paintings so the room would look more appealing for him. But it didn’t work, it started to accumulate clutter that we didn’t know where else to place or didn’t have a place.

When I started my House-Coaching course, I was asked to work on a room in my house and I chose that room. The multipurpose room with a lot of clutter. In the House-Coaching process with Kirsten it was revealed that all that mess was reflecting my insecurities and fears, and I was even ignoring the basic needs of functionality that my husband and I had, like having a home office, a storage room and guest room. This room was unconsciously reminding me of a painful past that I didn’t know how to face.

I am a child of divorced parents, my father, even though he was always present in my life, I never lived with him and we weren’t very close. When I was 14, because of different circumstances, I lived with him and his wife and kid. Even though he was very loving, his house never made me feel at home. The architecture and decoration didn’t involve me in any way. My room was apart from the rest and there weren’t any pictures or things that made me feel part of the family.

So, in my process of starting a new home, I wanted Facundo to feel different, I wanted him to feel included and that he was very important to us so he could stay when ever he wanted.

When I realised that it was my fear, I could face it and heal it. I felt free to be creative in the space, after being totally blocked. And I am a designer. After that, ideas started to flow naturally and without fear. I was able to solve all the needs we had in the space, and also include and reflect all of us in the space in a very loving and natural way. The process made me accept and embrace my vulnerability, I was able to recognize that there is no perfection, perfect families, and also after understanding my past I could forgive it and have everything I wanted.

Up until this moment Facundo didn’t stay with us, and after the House-Coaching process he stays and doesn’t want to leave. ¿Also, before the process I didn’t want to have kids and now is our life project!


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