Story Behind the Logo

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The Story Behind Our Logo

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Our Old Logo

I used to have a logo, which was a birdhouse with a heart in the centre. This logo has been with me since I wrote my first book: Home With A Heart (2008) It represented the love you can give yourself via your home – even a temporary rented home (the birdhouse) and open up to wholehearted living in – and via – your home.

The company carried my name, but I removed it when I started teaching international students and founded a global “tribe of House-coaches”, because I realized I didn’t want to – and couldn’t –  achieve the great vision I carry: To make our world a better place to live, love and grow. 

Steno Pyramid

Our Transformation

A year ago, I wrote a new book for the Danish market (Home Heart Soul) and for the first time I used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to explain House-coaching, I also made a new video for my webpage: What is House-coaching”.
I realized with the new book and when I began teaching House-coaching to home designers via my institute, that what we accomplish with House-coaching is far more than adding love (which is wonderful in itself!);  we help people meet all their human needs via the creation of their home! Then I wanted to change the logo and give the roof of the house the silhouettes of a “ pyramide” 

Our Purpose

During the very first session of House-coaching (online or 101) we offer our clients empathy and compassion, we offer hope in a better future and faith in their own creativity – and sometimes faith in divine love and a higher life purpose. To symbolise this important mission, I added the anchor (hope is the anchor for the soul), the cross, symbol of reaching out to other people and up to God – and kept the heart – the love we give ourselves and others via the creation of a personal soul-restoring home.

I want to create a movement, where people look for a House-coach when they seek to transform their home, as letting go of limiting thoughts will help them connect with their heart and soul – and transform their life in so many wonderful ways – while creating a beautiful personalised home. 


This quote says it all….. read it backwards and you’ll see the mission of House-Coaching: We want to bring peace into the world, order into the nations, balance into the homes, beauty into the people and turning on the light in their souls.

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This beautiful poster above was made in collaboration with Lydia Wienberg to support our Home Angels & Friends work for homeless people in Denmark.
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