The impact of House-Coaching in B2B

The impact of House-Coaching in B2B

When we hear about House-Coaching™, is inevitable to think that this process is only applicable for homes and we as designers work a lot with institutional and corporate customers. How would this work with B2B customers? Those big and small businesses, offices, doctors offices, lawyers offices etc? Hotels, restaurants and stores? If we work with a company ¿How could we use it? Probably these are a few questions that come up when we think about becoming a House-Coach™.

This is why we decided to talk about this here to share my experience as House-Coach™, who works with architectural finishes and corporate customers.

I would like to say that House-Coaching™ has helped me to take my corporate projects to the next level, not only has made it easier to come up with a proposal after the House-Coaching™session, but the impact of the project in the way I design healthy working areas that improve the employees well being and also reflect the company’s values. It has also helped some companies unblock some limiting thoughts that were pulling them back such as “we can’t have office spaces like Google because we are small and they won’t take us seriously”. After the House-Coaching™ process, they realized that being professional and competent is not related to how the space looks but how you present your work. And instead, it has a big impact when it shows the company’s values on the way employees feel and commit to the business as well as how they connect with their customers.

Now, another important aspect of my professional career is Visual Merchandising. How I design and plan the exhibitions and how I can make them more profitable. 

When I introduce myself as a House-Coach™ there is a value added to my CV that companies appreciate a lot. It gave me an advantage in a recruiting process where I was competing with other designers, and got the job because of it. Being in the retail business and knowing how sales is the main focus in it, I can see now that after the pandemics, people have changed a lot in their behaviour. People are more conscious about what they buy, they focus on the human interaction and connection during the buying process, they want to fall in love with what they buy. Not just buy. This is making companies learn new strategies and this is where House-Coaching™ makes a huge difference because it helps understand the customer in a deeper and more emotional way.

will not only help you get corporate customers, but to be able to design happier and healthier spaces that connect with the employees and the customers. Also it will give you an advantage if you are looking for a job in retail or designing restaurants, hotels, you will be able to create spaces that tell stories that want to be told and will impact the lives of whoever inhabit them.

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