Kirsten Steno

is the creator and founder of the House-Coaching™ Institute. She has the vision of the Institute at a global level and is in charge of inspiring the community of certified House-Coaches™ around the world. As a House-Coach™ in the Institute she guides the personal House-Coaching™ processes of the students helping them to have a transformation in their own spaces that they will later be able to implement with their clients.

Sisi Salamanca

Is a wonderful life and House-Coach™. She is the headmaster of the House-Coaching™ Institute. She is the one who leads the process of creation and development of new content for the students and guides them through the whole process with personal coaching sessions, helping them to bring out their best.

Carolina Vidales

Is an inspiring industrial designer, who became a House-Coach™ because of her experience working in interior design and thus became the general manager of the institute. As a leader she is guiding this project to bring out the best in her team and as a mentor of the institute, the best in the future House-Coaches™.

Maria Paula Forero

Is an industrial designer, life and House-Coach™ passionate about people development. In her role as Content Director she ensures that the quality and structure of the course materials are of the highest standard to provide the best possible learning process for future House-Coaches™.