What is House-Coaching

What is House-Coaching?

Your home is where you re-charge your batteries, your “comfort zone”

Adding empathy and life coaching to home design equals House-Coaching. The pronunciation is deliberately close to a “house-coat,” a comfortable and very private object of clothing. You allow very few people to see you in a housecoat! But it represents your body’s “comfort zone.”

Kirsten Steno

Get to know House-Coaching

House-Coaching is relevant and meaningful interior design. It’s not quantum physics, Feng Shui or New Age. It is spiritual, if you are yourself, but also down-to-earth, fantastic and life changing. The tools can help you get a clearer vision of who you are and how to reflect your idea of; love, hope and faith in your home – together with the people you may share it with.

What is House-Coaching

Interior Design in House-Coaching

I think all of you are familiar with “interior design”; creating practical and beautiful environments. Steno Pyramid

In House-Coaching, we build on top of interior design to decorate with intention, translating positive feelings into the decors and reflecting personal values and “love stories” to the home.  Being professional home designers, aesthetics is part of our focus area, so you’ll also find creative, beautiful and simple ways to beautify your home.

Empathy in House-Coaching

Most humans are born empathic in order to survive socially. Empathy is an ability to understand oneself and other people’s emotions. We always feel loved and appreciated when our family, friends or a stranger meets us with empathy. In House-coaching we use empathy to listen closer to your feelings of anxiety, fear, joy and love in order to get to know you better and add deeper value to our service.  We look for your particular needs via your “homework”, and use your unique description of “disklikes” and “likes” to guide you into meeting your needs via the decors and colour themes of your home.

Life Coaching in House-Coaching

Some of you may have been working with a “life coach” to maximize your potential. According to Wikipedia, ‘life coaching’ is: “A practice of assisting clients to determine and achieve personal goals. A coach will use a variety of methods, tailored to the client, to move through the process of setting and reaching goals”.

I had a difficult time in my life after a divorce, and  when I saw life coach Martha Beck coach someone on the Oprah Winfrey Show, my biggest dream was for her to become my mentor and teacher!

I read her book Finding Your Own North Star and many books on self-development. These brilliant teachings changed my life and made me realize; we cannot control everything that happens to us in life, but we CAN control how we choose to react! Positive thinking attracts a positive life, which is one of the basics teachings in House-coaching today.

By miracle, she answered my email, and I became a certified Martha Beck Life Coach in 2011. I have “transmitted” her life coaching tools with tools from The Work by Byron Katie and Embracing Your Imperfections by Brenee Brown into our House-Coach training. Today their brilliant teachings change even more lives via our House-coaches!

Home mirrors you!

House-Coaching is the cure for feeling “homesick at home” and the end to “longing for life in your life.” Once you have set up your home to reflect your inner beauty and what makes your heart sing it will be a reflection of the light in your soul and feed you with energy 24/7.

A newly House-coached home will affect your life in a positive way – and vice versa – if you don’t, you’ll will feel stressed out and become like “a plant in a pot”. You can grow but not into your maximum potential and bear fruit for yourself and for other people who need you.

Home Design with a Higher Purpose

Finding the purpose of your life will be part of the design process and part of our training, when we train professional home designers into becoming House-coaches in my institute.

My own life purpose is to teach House-coaching to home residents and professional home designers. It’s my core belief, that we all have a purpose, while we’re here on earth, to make our world a better place to live for all, to love ourselves and others and to continue to grow as humans and bear fruit for a healthy planet with a healthy life style…..and it all begins at home…with yourself!

Start from today creating a home you love!

I encourage you to make the place you live the place you love. I hope you’ll find inspiration from the articles we are going to post here every Friday. I sincerely hope, that the coaching tools and interior design ideas we offer will help you see yourself and your home with new compassionate eyes.

Begin today to intentionally love and respect yourself and show it in your home. Be real, be vulnerable – BE-YOU-TIFUL!

We would love to hear your thoughts about House-Coaching.

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