Why do I need House- Coaching?

Why do I need House-Coaching?

Sisi at House Coaching Event

Sisi Salamanca

We all have "Change-Itch"

There comes a time when you feel a little restless in your home, you need change of some kind, but you’re not sure exactly what you need or where to begin? You may think: “Maybe I need a new sofa, or new colors on the walls, in my decors and cushions? If I buy a new sofa, I’ll feel better – but will my husband agree?

Once we begin to feel the “change-itch” thoughts start lining up – and mostly they are concerns and limiting thoughts: “But I don´t have the time to paint, what if I choose the wrong color or what if my husband doesn´t like it?” Now, an interior designer could roll up her expertise and color trends, design rules etc.  – but a House-coach asks: “Is it true you don’t have time? What do you feel, when you believe this thought is true? Could the opposite be true too? Let’s examine your fears and open up to the positive opposite – unlock your creativity” (We call this “dissolving limiting thoughts”, inspired by Byron Katie, The Work)


Homeless in your own home.

You may go to a design store and browse, and if you are able to feel what makes your heart sing you may feel a strong connection with a lamp, a vase or some pillows in the same colors you’ve also bought new clothes? These purchases may meet your need for change for a while. But if you shop with your mind full of limiting thoughts, you’ll doubt in yourself – and be more depressed when you walk out with something you don’t really like or empty handed. You come home to this place you call home – which you haven’t cared for in a while. A House-coach knows how you feel; homeless in your own home.

home is a mirror of you

HOME is a Mirror of YOU!

You need a House-Coach in your home and life. Our goal is to help you meet ALL your human needs via your space, so the change you feel as a person will be reflected in your surroundings. The changes could be sickness, divorce, menopause, having children, children leaving the home, boredom in your work, in your marriage, with yourself?

HOME is a mirror of YOU!

The Change begins at Home... with House coaching.

You remember Maslow´s Pyramid of Needs from school? We have translated these behavioral patterns into home design. If you are dissatisfied with your life, you probably aren’t happy in your home either. If you have changed, maybe your decorative objects don’t represent your values anymore. We can help you how to discover what your needs truly are – and then decorate the home accordingly. We help you to open up to be more playful and creative – and to decorate your home with your loved ones – finding new compromises to meet the needs of ALL who live there.

House coaches are also professional home designers, who have learned to understanding your situation through their innate empathy and trained in adding life coaching tools to the process. We come up with the best possible design proposal to tell your personal love stories and reflect your values.

After the process you will fall in love with your home again – and usually this change will be the catalysator for the life change you also long for. Your home will recharge you with a marvellous energy, so you can live your best life and become a blessing to yourself and others.

Steno Pyramid

The process of change is like the caterpillar and butterfly. Throughout life change is a constant process – like the 4 seasons or the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly. We must listen to our heart and live the life that call us, otherwise we will feel homeless in our lives!

Wondering what is House-Coaching?

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