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On becoming resilient & fearlessly creative with House-Coaching™

HOME should ideally be the place where you can re-charge your batteries. HOME is where you should feel free to be the best expression of yourself, where you are fearlessly creative, joy-filled and have a deep sense of belonging… but for many people this is not the case, especially after COVID, when our lives and homes were disrupted on a global scale- and for which we were not prepared!

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My wonderful team! This photo was taken 10 days before the first Covid lockdown

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Co-working from 4 different countries has taught us that if you can dream it, you can do it!

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The lockdown drove us to come home to ourselves, focus and be fearlessly creative.

I was on a tour in Colombia, meeting with my team for the first time in two and half years, when on a dreadful Wednesday all Hell broke loose. It was March 11 of 2020 and the world shut down with the menace of Covid-19.

I was extremely lucky to get on the last flight out and return home to Denmark. Upon my arrival, I found both my work and personal life completely disrupted. The new students that had signed up from Colombia cancelled their House-Coaching™ Diploma training, in Denmark there were no personal House-Coaching™ clients to visit or to work with, and no business events to assist. The whole world had hit the pause button, and faced with uncertainty, people were holding tight to their money!

I had to stay 24/7 in my home with my husband and our Labrador, Brunello. For 3 weeks and I couldn’t visit my mom nor my three children, until it was safe to be with them again. At home my husband and I binge-watched TV-series and snacked all day long! Consequently, we had to start running in the nearby forest and competed with our three kids to see who could consistently run 2 miles per day.

So, I too had to take my own medicine and one room at a time, discover new ways to meet my own emotional needs and those of my husband – via our home. We decorated our home with House-Coaching™ and spiced it up with lots of hygge a lykke, two ingredients that are always present in Danish design.  At some point we decided to divide our home in two, so my husband and I would only meet for lunch and dinner J to keep the romance alive! In other words, we focused on our human needs, connecting home, heart and soul.

However, I was not prepared for such a void! I hadn’t experienced NOT working or studying since I was seven.  I didn’t know how to relax and just BE in the present, so in this respect Covid was a gift in a $#*! wrapping!

To keep our motivation going, my team and I chose this motto:

Never miss a good crisis

We worked 30 hours per week for owner shares in our company – all in our newly established home offices in four different countries. We created the foundation of the international House-Coaching™ Institute, developed a completely new online platform, webpage, social media platforms and spent countless hours writing and editing content. Slowly but surely, due to the combination of our expertise and a common purpose, students who Googled: Home design + purpose found us, and signed up from India, USA, Latin America and Europe.

I wrote some of the chapters for my fourth book, and by the June 2020 it was safe to live a “normal life” within the borders of Denmark. We discovered the beauty of our own country that summer.  

HOME is a mirror of YOU – and if you don’t feel connected to your “heart & soul” you’ll soon become homeless in your own home. You too have probably felt homesick in the intimacy of home and restless during Covid, craving purpose and direction.

These common fears and limiting beliefs will block the top emotional needs for love, belonging, values and self-expression; however, they can all be channeled with House-Coaching™ tools. You can create spaces with energy that can become the cocoon where you will experience your transformation.

The most common limiting thoughts I have coached myself and my clients have been:

To quote one of my favorite authors, Brenee Brown:

In the absence of love and belonging there is always suffering.

 ….  But I know for sure the opposite is equally true:

 In the presence of love and belonging there is never suffering.

I helped myself and everyone I coached to become more resilient, creative and resourceful, when we turned these limiting thoughts around to the positive and began acting out these new beliefs at home:

I discovered that my method of combining life coaching with interior design and a deep empathic desire to meet the human needs of my clients – what I call House-Coaching™ – were very powerful in times of despair and mere uncertainty.

One of my favorite tools, “Home is your mirror”, became the fastest way to shut down the fear, center the mind and open the heart to feel love, hope and joy again.

In gratitude for my team and for living my purpose through House-coaching™,

Kirsten Steno