Meet Your House Coach

House coach_Jody

Language: English

Hi, I’m Jody Pear. I guide people through home and office transformations. What do you love and hate about your home or workspace? How do you want to feel when you’re there? I use my professional interior design skills and empathetic nature to guide you so that you feel confident in transforming your space into one that reflects who you are and fills you with joy.
I am an expert in storytelling through the process of decorating, an internationally trained House-Coach, a professional interior designer, trained by Maria Killam in the SYSTEM for Specifying Colour®, author of Creating Your Soul’s Oasis, creator of Creating Your Soul’s Oasis video course, and I love to create abstract paintings.
My fascination with storytelling through decorating has been my natural inclination since childhood. It wasn’t until I discovered a tool used in Feng Shui, called the Bagua Map, and my training as a House-Coach that I discovered a way to systemize and teach this to others.

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House coach_Salome

Language: Portuguese / English


Salomé is a Diploma House-coach, Interior Designer, Costume & Set Designer, IKEA Store Designer in Europe and Asia, also doing production and design at Backstage for rock stars at Rock in Rio Festival

She creates healthy, tidy and beautiful places for people to live, love and grow, improving the quality of their lives through their homes. It’s a transformation process in all areas of life when you organise the entire space accordingly to your personal needs. She guides everyone to understand their true colours, textures, reflecting their own love story into their home or work-space. 

Aesthetics meets functionality when everyone in the home become better version of themselves. Salome believes we can all create a positive impact in the world through serving one another and make it a better place for everyone to thrive. Read more about her unique touch to House-coaching services.

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House coach_Maria

Language: Spanish / English

Hello, I’m Maria Isabel Barrero. I am an architect, furniture designer, artist and a House-coach from Bogota, Colombia currently living in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States.

In my practice, I integrate architecture and arts and crafts to create spaces and objects with meaning, spirit and purpose. I help people come up with ideas to make real changes in their homes and work places, as well as create special, unique objects and furniture that are both functional and beautiful. I design and manufacture.

As a House-coach, I help my clients’ to create designs that fit their concept of home and decorate spaces that reflect their personal values and love stories.

I help breathe life into my clients’ visions and, when needed, help them discover what they want and how to make it a reality. My expertise lies in creating, and my tools are shapes, colors, materials, space and good ideas.


Language: Spanish / English

Vanessa is an Interior Designer and works with international clients in Mallorca. She has also worked many years in Peru for private and corporate clients (where I met her). She adds her unique touch to House-coaching.

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Sisi at House Coaching Event

Language: Spanish / English

Sisi became a life coach in 2011, and since then she´s been training young designers how to implement coaching tools to their projects. She helps designers connect with their clients, finding meaning to their work so they feel deep motivation for what they do on a daily basis. 

She worked with Boconcept in Colombia, Perú, Costa Rica, and Panama, training the sales associates and the managing team. In 2015 she became a House coach from the Kirsten Steno Insitute.
She beliefs that if each person feels good about them selves and in their homes, they will be better bosses, better family members, better citizens, better human beings and the world can be a better place.
Maria Paula

Language: Spanish / English

Hello, my name is Maria Paula Forero: Design and coaching have always been a part of my life and they definitely have transformed it. Becoming a House-Coach has been the union of my two passions and the next step to fulfil my purpose in life. 

I‘m an Industrial designer and have always worked in the interior design field. Designing for customers and training other designers inspired me to become a certified life coach. I believe adding coaching to design is very important because we are not only working to make a room beautiful we are also working to meet people‘s needs and show them how to build a happy home, full of love.

I‘ve been an immigrant to different countries during my professional life, and i believe the feeling of home should always be with you, wherever you are. I would love to work with people all around the world to overcome “homesickness” and help them come home to themselves no matter how temporary the home may be.

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House Coach_Maria Jose

Language: Spanish

I believe in the impact of interiors in people’s lives and how they can change them. My name is Maria Jose Uribe. I’m a designer and I worked for 5 years in BoConcept Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Peru. For the last 3 years, I worked in the marketing department leading to the visual merchandising area decorating the stores.

To be able to develop a space, it would be very important to meet you, to know what do you love and whatnot. Contact me and together we can create your home and make it a reflection of you. From your hand, we will make memorable spaces where you can live happily with your family

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House Coach_Carolina

Language: Spanish

Hello, I am Carolina Vidales and I have personally experienced the transformation process through House Coaching both in my home an din my life. That‘s why I understand perfectly the challenge of wanting to change a space while having mental barriers which block the process. I became a certified House Coach, because I understood that it is useless to design “the perfect space” when it doesn’t really connect deeply with the people, who will inhabit it.  I understood that our home is our refuge and also the reflection of who we are.  That is why I am here, to help you build a home full of love, where the best of you is reflected, from the inside out.

I am also an industrial designer, all my career I have worked in the world of interior design, developing design proposals that meet the needs of customers. I have trained commercial teams through coaching, encouraging them to find their purpose and the best in each person both at work and in their home.

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Language: Polish, English and French

My name is Ala Mateja. I received my Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering in 2012 after my studies in Poland and Belgium.  
I have been always fascinated with people, their wisdom, souls and mentality. I found Kirsten Steno online and fell in love with her House Coaching. It was the answer to how I wanted to use my talents and focus to my work. Transforming peoples’ lives by working with their homes became my true passion: House Coaching build on top of Architecture and help to create more happiness and love in their homes and lives. … there is nothing more important to me. In March of 2020 I graduated as a House Coach. 
I work from Poznań in Poland and offer personal and online House Coaching in Polish, English and French.

Language: Spanish and English 

My name is Elena Campos I am a Spanish economist who transformed into an interior designer. I decided to change my working life to be in harmony with my true self and give my daily (work) life more happiness and fulfillment. I have always had the mission to serve others through my passions; decoration, personal growth, organizing spaces and photography.

I love crafts / DIY and restoring furniture to make them look great again – what I also do with homes & people as a House-coach. I am passionate about life, nature, family and the smallest details which make me happy every day.

I certified as a House Coach in March 2020, and I believe that interior design can only have a true purpose when we add empathy and life coaching. Kirsten and Sisi have personally lived through many transformation processes and their empathy enables them to connect with people on a deeper level. They have taught me and my colleges how to create spaces which meet all people’s needs, reflect their values and inner beauty.

I create homes with love and soul, reflecting to your personality and lifestyle. The best version of your home that reflects you and generates well-being.

I live in Madrid Spain and offer personal and online House Coaching in Spanish and English.


Language: English and Spanish

My name is Sofia Maruno, I am a Peruvian Interior & Stylist Designer and a certified House Coach! I have worked with people in their homes during the past 10 years and I am convinced that House Coaching is the tailor made solution to achieve a HOME connected to your SOUL and LIFE!

The interior of your home is a self reflection of who you are as a person, for that reason getting your space to reflect the connection with yourself and tell your story is vital. I strongly believe in the power of HOME as our battery charger, where we can return to rest, get inspired and strengthen ourselves so that the next day we can go back to our daily battles in the outside world called LIFE.

I encourage you to see your HOME as the cocoon where you can develop yourself in a protective and comforting way. Let’s create balance and inner peace through House-Coaching of your home. I look forward to meet you online very soon.