Make our world a better place for all to live, love and grow.

We teach how to design spaces that tell life stories and solve human needs via the design

Adding empathy and life coaching tools to home design.

In the House-Coaching™  Institute we think that values grow from the inside out, and that means from our homes or workplaces to the external world. Because our homes are a reflection or ourselves, are the mirrors of who we are in each moment of our lives.

Genuinely compassionate

With empathy, connect with others to understand what they are going through and come up with ideas to meet their needs without judging them.

Courageously vulnerable

Of being who you are, with your strengths and weaknesses, confident to be yourself without masks. Embrace your imperfection.

Ambitious for the good life

Be in constant improvement of yourself to find your best version at every moment so you can help your clients do the same and with your work have the life you always dreamed about and meet your goals.

Scandinavian Lifestyle

Understand the concept of Hygge (cozy home design) and Lykke (Life design) create wonderful moments to support your quality of life and who you are.

Humble and resourceful creativity

Always find design ideas and proposals that fulfill your clients needs and place those needs before your personal preferences. Always using the resources in the best possible way.

Work focused on the common good and service

Respect others, value teamwork, always looking after the common good