Kirsten Steno


Hi There

My name is Kirsten Steno, founder of the International House-Coaching Institute. I am Danish, I breathe “Nordic Culture” and know how to “hygge” and have implemented the very best of my culture into my teachings of House-Coaching.

So happy to see you here!

This blog is our little online “Friday Cafee”, where my team and I share tips on House-Coaching, the journey of our institute and love stories about people, who have changed their homes (and lives) with the help of House-coaches around the world. We hope to inspire and educate:

  • Private residents in any type of home, any form of family, any income, any religion – anywhere in the world. We seek to motivate our readers to create a home which meets the personal needs and reflect the values of everyone living in the home.
  • Empathic home designers who wish to become part of our new House-coach Family. We offer 3 courses, in which you can learn how to ad deeper value to your clients while also transforming your own home & life. Via 1on1 sessions and webinars with our life coaches and myself, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with both your life, your work and feel connected to your higher purpose.